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‘Out with the old and in with the new” is a commonly repeated phrase on New Years Eve!.  Where did this come from and what does it mean?

This triggered a little curiousity into some of New Year’s Eve traditions and habits and we found some very interesting ones indeed.  For example…

  • DON’T do your laundry on News Year’s Day as you’ll ‘wash away’, a family member in the upcoming year.
  • Your cupboards and fridges should be stocked to the limit so you don’t go hungry in the new year.
  • You should have money in your wallet or pocket so you will continue to have it for the rest of the year.
  • The First Footer! – Hopefully a male will be the first person to enter your home after the stroke of midnight.  It is said that this person will determine what kind of year you have. A woman may bring disaster into the household and blondes and redheads are seemingly bad luck too!
  • Make sure to make as much noise as you can at midnight – not only are you celebrating, but you are also scaring evil spirits away.
  • Make sure you open all the doors of your house at midnight to let the old year escape.
  • Ah – the kiss!  Kissing at midnight ensures that love and links will continue for the New Year.

This list does go on and on and could keep one terribly busy ensuring all is in order on New Years Eve.  Hey – anything to get out of doing the laundry !

On a serious note, it is a time for reflection on times gone by and a time for envisaging what may lay ahead of us.  What will we be doing with our lives?  What opportunities will come our way and how should we seize them?

Charles Margerison, seasoned time traveller and our author has recently written a lovely piece on “what I do and whyHERE

The Amazing People Club seeks to inspire and motivate and we hope that some of our January specials will appeal to those of you seeking to make some changes in 2012.  These are:

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 Wishing you and yours all the best for 2012. Thank you for your support and may your New Year be simply AMAZING!!